Winter Heron #2

After keeping a close eye on the same site as shown in the last post, yesterday eventually furnished the results.  I hadn’t seen the heron here for a couple of weeks.  I suspected that the water levels in the stream had been too high but for the past few days it had dropped somewhat and there the bird was again back, in the main stream.  Same bird.  It was these shots that I’d envisaged. As an added bonus, the strong flow over the past couple of weeks had washed the pebbles clean in this spot and made them stand out more against the background.  

Following up the following morning, the same bird was again busy catching fish.  I saw it catching seven fish while I was there (sun was too contrasty by the time I left but it was still busy) so we solved the riddle of why it was visiting this spot.  It was clearly because there is a good source of food just here.    

Gear.  Nikon D500 but with a 70-200 f/4 lens (makes a nice change to my regular 500mm).  ISO800, f/4, shutter 1/125.