Wildlife Photography by Richard Boreham

Hello and congratulations...

... for making it through the clutter of the web to reach this site.  In this quiet backwater, you are now about a million light years from the noise and bustle of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.  This is my 'slow photography' - there's no rush here.  It is simply my aim to share the enjoyment for wildlife and wildlife photography through my experiences of watching and appreciating the wilder places and their animals.  I certainly seem to spend more time observing and learning than I do in framing the image and pressing the shutter button.  Inevitably, the more time you spend doing this, the more you appreciate the environment and it's vulnerability to the impact of humankind.  I can't help but highlight and reflect on this too from time to time.

There may be a little of the hunter and sportsman in the makeup of the wildlife photographer; you have to understand a good deal about your subject and spend 'field time' following their activity to get decent photos but there is still a real thrill in 'capturing' the moment.  The animal definitely has the advantage when you are using a camera.  To be clear, as a photographer, my view is that the animal's welfare is paramount and overrides any other consideration to 'get the photo'.  All the subjects here are wild and not captive unless I've noted otherwise and I always aim to observe, photograph and leave them unstressed.  

Please take a little time to explore the site.  Rather than just post random collections of photos, in each of the curated galleries you will find more information on the subject plus a little of the story behind how and where the photographs were taken.  If you are interested in the technical side, I've also included some details on the equipment and settings used.  But do feel free to skip that and get to the photos because I trust you will find images to both enjoy and, perhaps, inform.

For no particular reason, other than maybe for mild amusement, the photo galleries are organised by AIR, WATER and EARTH or, sometimes where the grouping helps give more context, by a particular trip, so you will also find a menu section below covering such JOURNEYS.  Enjoy.

My BLOG has become an evolving and integral part of the story here.  It covers a more eclectic mix of topics on photography and wildlife plus what's happening on the website.  It is updated reasonably regularly.  

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