About Me...

I live in southern England.  Unsurprisingly then, the material presented on this site is predominantly oriented towards UK wildlife.  However, you will also find an increasing variety of wildlife from other parts of the world.  I'm fortunate, due to the forbearance of my family, that I can often combine holidays with some wildlife photography opportunities.

For me, wildlife photography is a pastime and something of a passion but not a profession.  That's both an advantage and a disadvantage.  An advantage because making a decent living from photography is increasingly tough these days.  Doubly so given that great wildlife photography usually takes a massive investment of time, patience and detailed observation before the shutter is pressed.  Sometime you do get lucky but mostly any 'luck' results directly from that extensive preparation.  The disadvantages?  Well simply, with a very full time job and family, that I'll never be able to spend enough time 'out in the field' fulfilling that passion.  The time that I am able to spend, I tend to concentrate on a few subjects so that I get to properly understand them and their behaviour.  For me, quietly watching wildlife through binoculars or a lens is as much the fulfilling aspect of wildlife photography as the final image.  

My resulting photographs, I trust, show the respect for these animals and a little of the drama of the natural world.  In some ways, the photograph is often the end of a long 'hunt' but one in which, for the subjects, they were never unduly concerned or harmed.  No photograph of wild subjects is worth causing distress or harm to them; if in doubt, move away.

The result of all the above is that I aim here to present the best of which I'm able.  This is always going to be a relatively small selection that develops and evolves slowly.  My respect to the the those 'pros' who have put in the time to create far greater bodies of exciting work and who have also put in the hard, unglamorous, graft to make a living from it.  

For more information on my work, if you are interested in using this work or purchasing prints, or to just say hello, feel free to Contact Me.