Wasps, tough little blighters…

Last week I put up a post about finding a wasp nest that had been dug up by - probably - a badger.  I was pretty sure that the nest was done for even though the queen had survived.  Well, a week later, I returned to confirm my suspicions.    

As you can see, a week later, there are still wasps at the nest.  The first photo shows more of the digging out that happened; a bare earth hole but with a group of wasps in the corner of the hole.  The second is a bit closer in.  There is now a sense of purposeful activity with traffic in and out.  Plus, much of the debris of nest fragments and dead bodies have gone.  Perhaps recycled into the new nest which seems to be dug in below and behind the where the wasps are.  

I wouldn’t have guessed that they would have recovered from the dual effects of a badger attack followed by a day of rain on the survivors.  Tough little blighters!

[Record photos using Sony RX100iii]