Urban Fox II

I’m beginning to understand more about the movements of at least one of the local fox near my house.  It (not sure if it’s a he or she yet) looks quite young and seems to visit about ever other night, sometimes every night.  Timing is not very predictable but ranges from 10:30pm through the early hours at about 3:30am.  Further, this is a quite skittish fox.  It doesn’t like the flash (some it seems are not bothered) much so two or three sequential flashes are not a good idea as I’d much prefer if it wasn’t bothered at all.  I’ll be monitoring this fox further and hope to be able to track it further across it’s range.  

This image was taken with a Nikon D3300 and its kit lens, an 18-55mm AF-P at 24mm at f/10 and ISO200. Illumination from two speedlights in manual mode.  Triggering is by a passive IR unit made by Camtraptions.  All equipment interconnects are wireless using (partially modified) Yongnuo units.