I’ve been wanting to get this image of a Canada Goose for some time.  Yesterday, at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) reserve at Arundel I eventually managed it.  It’s a combination of the birds coming into roost from the right direction and landing close enough to me, the low afternoon light lighting up the underside of the bird and a gentle breeze allowing the goose to manage an elegant gentle water-ski landing rather than a belly-flop controlled crash that sometimes happens. The little touch of peak action is nice with the leading edge ‘alula’ feathers raised to assist with the slow speed flight and ensuring the wings don’t simply stall out. This little winglet on the birds ‘forefinger’ acts like the leading edge slats on a jet liner but is more elegant and much quieter as they deploy! 

Gear:  The ‘usual’ Nikon D500 paired with 500mm PF lens.  ISO 400, f/5.5 and 1/2000s