Stags & Bracken

It’s now towards the end of the red deer rut in the UK and this morning looked like the weather might be fair.  Consequently I dashed up to Richmond Park through the morning rush hour to get there for just after dawn.  There is nothing quite like getting out of the car in a city park to be immediately assailed by the throaty grunts of red deer stags broadcasting their size and power to the does and as a veiled warning to other stags.  

Today I set my attention on getting some photos of the stags in the deep bracken and emerging from the shade of the giant and ancient oak trees that are  the mainstay of the woodland areas.  Here are a few to enjoy.  These were taken a little after dawn with the sun low in the sky to the East.  By 9:15am , the autumn light was over.  You would, perhaps, never guess you can see the tall buildings of the City of London from this park.  

Gear: My standard stuff today using a Nikon D500 with 200-500mm f5.6E lens.  At various focal lengths with ISO of 800-1600 (light levels are dropping in the autumn dawn even though it was sunny. Mainly with an aperture at f6.3 and shutter from about 1/125 through to 1/2000s.