Otters - first impressions

I’ve just completed the first pass processing of the images from my otter watching trip to the Shetlands last week and have created an new gallery here.  I faced a minor dilemma on which menu area of the site to put them.  Originally, I was sure that otters should go in the ‘water’ section but I learned that they really are very much ‘land’ animals that forage in water.   Nevertheless, so close is their association with water and its margins that I’ve decided to go with my original hunch.  

I’m very happy with the variety of images that came out of a short three day trip.  I’m not sure this will be the final cut because so many good photos came out and I may do some further processing.  I do hope you enjoy these,  

The credit for knowing where to find these spectacular animals goes to my guide, Richard Shucksmith, who is a complete enthusiast and otterholic.  His knowledge is utterly comprehensive as is his concern for the welfare of the animals.  They always come first.  There is little better than spending several days in close company with animals in a beautiful location other than to do so with someone who is so keen to share their knowledge with you.  It’s even better when you eventually turn your back on your subjects to return home squelching across the moor confident in the knowledge that the otters are undisturbed.