Now, this is what I was after…

After what is now approaching six weeks of trial, error and adjustment and try again, I finally got the photo of a fox in infrared ‘light’ last night.  The is the photo that I’d envisaged at the outset; the fox sliding gracefully under the fence with head slightly turned towards the viewer.  Done.  I’ll be adding this to the gallery here.  

I hope you enjoy the result, this has been a very interesting project.  

The project isn’t quite finished either. The scrape is a significant thoroughfare for the garden and I’m hoping to catch other animals here too.  I’ll post on those as and when something happens.

Just an added gear note here.  These photos in recent posts are all taken with an IR DSLR camera (Nikon D7200).  Focussing is done using the rear screen rather than through the viewfinder because the camera is set up in protective and soundproof case.  I focus the camera and then leave it set at that point for the automatic trigger to take the image.  However, when I focus, it is in daylight so I can see the subject.  I discovered that the focus plane of the infrared image is behind that of the visible light by some inches.  Those few inches makes a difference when the camera is only a couple of feet from where I am trying to photograph the fox.  Consequently, I’ve learnt now to estimate the shift and compensate for that when setting things up.  On this image, everything came together.  (There are other ways of achieving accurate focus with IR but they have some different limitations which I may go into another time.)