Move along, nothing to see here.

Or, spot the seal.  

I have just been processing some photos that I took a few weeks back in Scotland (here, at the shore of the Isle of Raasay) of a group of Common Seals.  What really struck me was just how well these animals were camouflaged against the shoreline of tumbled, barnacle and seaweed encrusted basalt boulders.  Indeed, I had to search quite hard among my collection here to find one image where they did show up reasonably well.  Without a pair of binoculars or a long lens they are a challenge to spot from a boat; even if you are within a couple of hundred metres of the shore.  Common seals are particularly attractive and considerably smaller that our other seal, the Grey Seal.  

Gear: This was taken from a boat so I tend to go for a light lens with a little less magnification and a very fast shutter speed to minimise the inevitable motion of the sea.  Consequently this was taken with a Nikon D500 with a 300mm PF f/4 lens.  ISO 400, f/4.5 and 1/1250s shutter.