More to see…

Having sorted through some older material, I’ve uploaded a few new image galleries on new topics if taken a while ago.  

Looking through the older images, I realise that, although I’ve been through several bodies (from an initial Nikon D90 to a D7000 and most recently a D7200), the original D90 was capable of taking some very good quality images.  The newest body is a definite and significant improvement.  But it really improves in a way that I’d not completely expected: flexibility.  The latest sensor gives me a good couple of (perhaps three) stops more working space with ISO settings so I can use higher shutter speeds for moving subjects or work in substantially poorer light.  Autofocus is considerably improved and that’s massively helpful for wildlife work.  The greater resolution gives me quite a bit more ability to crop without noticeable quality issues.  I also get more buffer depth so, on relatively rare occasions I can take a longer sequence of shots and it’s a bit easier to handle (user settings and other things).  But absolute quality, not so much as you would notice in reality.  I’d like to think I’ve got a bit better too…



Bumblebees and Bluebells

I was aiming for a bit of alliteration.  Was going well for a bit with Redshanks and Robins but I then had to switch to Bumblebees and Bluebells.