More robins - nesting this time…

Something strange is happening in Hampshire.  I seem to be seeing an exuberance of robins at present.  

Several weeks back, a pair of robins decided to nest in a pretty ‘robinish’ type of place.  A safe enclosed but airy and accessible barn that, in this case just happens to be a canoe club’s boat store.  It’s actually on to of a battered filing cabinet that collects general useful bits and bobs so it’s on top of a file box wedged into a gap between a throw line (red & yellow) some spare buoyancy bags (the roof) and a helmet (not quite in frame.  Do not disturb signs were put up by club members and the pair have now succfully hatched six chicks in the last week and are busy feeding them.  They remain largely unconcerned by the intermittent traffic of wet canoeists and their gear.  

As you can see, the adults are feeding a constant stream of different invertebrates at present.  

Nikon D500 with 70-200mm f/4 lens at 200mm, f/9, 1/250s, ISO400 with manual flash (1 x SB-28 and 1 x SB-600 at 1/8 -0.7 EV  & 1/32 - 0.3EV power).  Camera was tripod mounted and radio triggered from a distance as I couldn’t stand at the camera due to the constraints of the space.  The birds are very used to gear and stuff being moved around (the filing cabinet it right next to the paddle and buoyancy aid store) so they didn’t pause at the arrival of a the tripod and camera plus extra flash.  The setup and location is shown below