Low Flying Kestrel

Yesterday was the best day this year and the good weather had a local farmer out taking a cut of spring hay / silage.  This left a couple of fields trimmed down to the ground and in the afternoon the predators and scavengers (red kites, buzzards and kestrels) were to be seen in force.  This female kestrel took several kills  as I watched on for a couple of hours.  Here she is just after take off, she is actually lifting a small rodent (maybe a field mouse) though its tucked up beneath the base of her tail so can’t be seen in this shot. 

Gear: Nikon D500 plus 500mm PF Lens. 1/2500s at f/5/66 and ISO 400.  The biggest challenge for the day was the heat.  I could see the heat shimmer off the warm field and drying grass. Long lenses are great but they can’t overcome atmospheric effects!