Hares - I learnt something today

I went out again today to photograph hares; I’m on a limited timer for this year.  The crops are growing quickly and they will hide the the hares from my view in a couple of weeks.  So I took the chance today before it was too late.  The weather wasn’t great sort heavy showers but with sunny intervals.  Unfortunately, by the time I arrived this afternoon the rain was consolidating into more of a steady downpour with short breaks.  Anyway I was there so I hung around and learnt something new.   

The heavy showers were thoroughly soaking the hares (and me).  No surprise in that but when they stopped the hares shook themselves by standing up vertically - quite unlike any other four legged animal to throw off the water.  It’s almost the same action as they use to ‘box’ each other so it sort of makes sense but I certainly didn’t expect it. I very much doubt I’d have seen that on a fair day!