Common / Harbour / Harbor Seals

There are a variety of names for this common seal that is widespread across the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific oceans.  Here in the UK it tends to get called the common seal while, it seems, in North America it’s the Harbour / Harbor seal.  (I rather suspect the 49th parallel may have something to do with the spelling difference in North America.)  

This set of photos were taken in northern BC on the inlets of the ‘Inner Passage’ not so far from Kitimat area.  There’s a more extensive dedicated gallery here in the water section.  What never ceases to amaze me is the real diversity you get in the colours and marking of these and grey seals.  Even at a single pull out you will see a full range of colours from very pale grey through to nearly black with quite a bit of brown also featuring in there somewhere.  

Its taken me a while to get around to posting these as they are part of our trip to BC in late August.  I’m almost at the end of that set and should be finishing off with the last ‘bits and bobs’ soon.