Fungi and Lichen

A quick shot from the daily walk today.  This spot is a regular spot for the honey fungus every autumn.  Normally, you only see the lichen.  But today it was an attractive combination in the autumn light.

This mini landscape seems curiously alien in its miniature aspect. 

I think it’s the very close focus of the phone’s small lens coupled with depth of field of the shot that, while deep, runs out in a few inches but allows the big trees in the background still to be identified though they are out of focus.  Photographers tend to deride the cameras on smart devices (er, phones) but their small lenses can produce unusual close up (macro) effects as shown here.  There’s also a touch of HDR (high dynamic range) processing in the phone that’s contributing too.  I’ve been playing with this effect recently; it’s quite hard to get this effect on a big DSLR without some special lenses.

Gear.  Walking light today with just an iPhone 6s so that’s what it is.  The 12 Pro should arrive next week!  As it turns out, the phone allows photos from a lower viewpoint that can be taken with a regular size lens!