Flying Humpback Whales

This is a bit of a teaser post as we are still travelling and I’m a long way from finished from processing photos from the trip.  However, I did want to share a few of the images from another part of our trip to the ‘inside passage’ in British Columbia.  We were travelling by boat so we had great opportunities to see humpback whales.  But once in a while something really special happens.  On this day we caught sight of a group of humpbacks breaching around a kilometre away; far to far to photograph well.  Nevertheless, we slowly caught up with the group, all the time expecting the spectacle to finish before we got there.  It didn’t.  We stayed with the group and one particular whale that, during the course of over two hours breached over 100 times.  Quite extraordinary and almost certainly an experience that will be never repeated for me or other that witnessed it.  Here are a small sample of some of my initial favourites.  Unfortunately, I can’t share the sound of the whale exhaling as it burst from the water and the crash of the huge splashes echoing off the mountains that surrounded the deep channels we were in.  

Update 6 October: Just published an initial gallery in the ‘Water’ section here.  I hope you enjoy these too.  

Equipment: Nikon D500 and 300mm f/4E PF lens.  This light telephoto is really excellent for photographing from a moving boat.  Settings around 1/2000s (to freeze motion), f/7.1 and ISO 800.  Mode was set to manual as the reflective surface of the water tends to ‘confuse’ the meter on auto modes; exposure was set for the subject (er, the whale that is).