Fire and Brimstone…

Slight exaggeration, no fire.  But it has been dry enough this summer that a spark is all it would take to set the meadows and woodlands alight.  Notwithstanding the, I do have a Brimstone butterfly here.  I’m rather fond of Brimstones.  Probably because they are usually the first butterflies to be seen in springtime.  Spotting one or, more typically, several is a real herald for the warmer days of spring.  Plus the sulphurous yellow is like a flash of sun under the woodland canopy.  

This specimen, is from the summer generation, a child of one of the overwintering butterflies we see in spring.  Although I have quite a collection of Brimstone photos, I rather liked this one with side lighting emphasising the veins and its prominent proboscis.     

Here I used my typical ‘big insect’ chasing kit of Nikon D500 plus 300mm f/4E PF lens and a TC-14Eiii teleconverter.