Spring Bunnies not Bears…

Right now, I should be on my way to Canada to photograph grizzly bears in the far north west of British Columbia.  Obviously, due to a touch of the ‘pandemics’ I’m not and that’s going to have to wait for another year.  Consequently, yesterday I found myself at my usual local haunt and ended up photographing rabbits instead. 

We typically have a love / hate relationship with rabbits.  They are undeniably cute animals and we all love them as kids etc.  Unfortunately, they also have a huge potential as pests and that has resulted in brutal control measures in the past when they were rampant and very destructive.  

Nevertheless, none of that is very important when, on a warm and sunny late spring evening, you can take the chance to sit quietly and motionless near the edge of a meadow and wait for them to come out to feed.  After weeks of being ‘locked down’ that’s a truely luxurious experience and they are most definitely ‘bunnies’.      

Gear: The usual Nikon D500 with 200-500mm f/5.6  more or less at the 500mm end.  Handheld but properly braced with shutter as low as 1/160 with VR (ISO 400 & f/5.6).