Autumn Toadstool

You really know when October has hit full flush as the fungi come out to play.  On our walk with the dog I saw this pair of pristine fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria) had burst forth.  I took a few photos with my iPhone but it didn’t really do them justice so I popped back later with my camera, got down low and took a few photos.  

(I feel I should mention, the fly agaric is classified as ‘poisonous’ as it contains psychoactive substances.  If you are wondering, no, this isn’t the magic mushroom; that’s something else entirely different and less photographically spectacular.  The fly agaric is the classic ‘toadstool’ and it’s the one that garden gnomes are often modelled sitting on or perhaps that’s just what you see if you eat one.  Just don’t - really!)  

Gear: Nikon 500 on a mini tripod with 16-80mm lens at 22mm and f/10, 1/5sec.  ISO 400.  (-2/3 stop on Aperture priority). An off camera flash was used to slightly lift the holly and background but was kept of the toadstool to prevent over exposure of it.