A touch of summer

It’s late June but it’s been a cold and wet summer month so far and I’ve been away working for most of it.  Yesterday, just after midsummer’s day I found a warm sunny day and popped out to a local wetland / heath area (yes, a bit of a contradiction in terms but nonetheless, true) to see if there was much happening.  In terms of dragonflies and damselflies, things were hotting up.  I spent a few hours trying to photograph then in flight.  Unfortunately not with much success.  A lot of out of focus images went in the ‘trash’.  However, I did get some good photos of a pair of Common Blue mating and a Four Spotted Chaser in the sun against a dark pool (he was the target of a lot of the unsuccessful flight photo attempts.)

Both photos were taken on a D500 with 300mm f/4 PF lens and 1.4 teleconverter -  a usefully light and quick focusing pair for this type of work.