A few days in Andalusia (Flamingoes & Vultures)

Last week we managed to get away to the Andalucia region of Spain.  We haven’t been to this area for over 20 years; the trip reminded us what a beautiful area this is, especially in spring.  Apart from grabbing a quiet time we manage to traveled into the interior up through mountains to the Laguna de la Fuente de Piedra which is a large shallow salty lake that hosts the Greater Flamingo and is the largest colony on the Iberian Peninsula.  Although the day was overcast, they were a spectacular sight and I hadn’t realised that these spectacular birds could be found away from the coast.

A couple of days later we drove over to Ronda, a medieval town protected on a natural rock outcrop with a gorge running through the town and several tall bridges (dating back to Roman times) that cross the gorge.  Great place to visit but the highlight was spotting huge 9’ wingspan Griffon Vultures soaring in he mountains. 

Gear.  We were travelling light so there are taken using a Nikon Z6 and a 300mm f/4 PF lens and a 1.4TC iii.