Experiments with iPhone 6S

Today started as one of those overcast, slightly damp and still autumn days that we get here in England.  Towards the back end of the morning after I’d run out of excuses, the dog dragged me out for a walk.  I’d decided not to take my normal camera.  As a consequence, as the day brightened a little with some weak sun finally working its way through the clouds I only had my phone to hand.  I decided to try it out properly and see if I could take advantage of the day.  

I’ve posted below a few of the photos.  The iPhone 6S, it turns out, is a very competent camera.  No surprise that the compact camera market is dying.  OK, so it’s not DSLR quality but there’s not much to complain about.  The main issue I had was getting it to focus on the right thing in the close up shots.    

I do like it’s close focus ability with the fairly wide angle lens.  It allows you to get in close to the small details.   

Snail hiding in bracken

Local stream

Autumn fungi 1

Autumn fungi 2

Autumn fungi 3

Bracken stems