Hi, introducing the site.

Hello, this is the first, experimental post in the blog.  It’s likely to be more of a time-to-time on-going narrative of stuff associated with wildlife photography but with perhaps a slightly broader narrative.  Time will tell.  

The website is now up and running with a fair amount of material uploaded.  It’s likely that I’ll be adding more past material in the next few weeks.  I’ll post updates here.   

In the meantime, a picture of the Santa Cruz Water Lily (Victoria Cruziana) that appears on the home page.  Not exactly wildlife but…

This is one of two amazonian giant waterlilies species that have leaves that can grow up to between 1.2 to 1.8m across.   It is pictured here growing in the botanical gardens of Terra Rostra, Furnas on the Azores islands. This is the only place in Europe where these are grown outside. The waterlily flowers are unusual in that they open at night for two nights only. The first night they open white with these fine white petals. The next morning they close and reopen at dusk as a pale pink with a strong scent to attract pollinators. They close for the second time the next day. These pictures were taken shortly after dawn of that… first night.